Irritable Bowel Syndrome Advice

What Is IBS?


Irritable Bowel syndrome can be a debilitating condition and is reported to affect up to 15% of the UK population. The cause of IBS is not fully understood, but the symptoms can affect peoples quality of life.

Typical symptoms are abdominal pain, bloating, wind, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, heartburn, abdominal gurgling and generalised tiredness. If this is you I can help!!

I am a specialist in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I am giving IBS suffers symptoms relief.

How am I doing this?

A new way of reducing IBS symptoms is using the Low FODMAP diet. Recent research has shown that some fermentable carbohydrates (FOMAP’s) may contribute towards IBS symptoms.

These fermentable sugars are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, these molecules then arrive in the large intestine, where they act as a food source to the bacteria that live there normally. The bacteria ferment with the sugars which produce excess gas which can cause the IBS symptoms of pain, bloating and wind etc.

The studies have shown that following the Low FODMAP diet can improve IBS suffers symptoms by 75%!!

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Dietetic Programme

To Start, a 7 day food and symptom diary and health questionnaire are completed by you which you bring with you to the consultation
A 1 hour consultation discusses the Low FODMAP diet requirements to eliminate your IBS symptoms. An 8 week elimination diet is then provided with email support 24/7.
Written advice, recipes and shopping lists are provided to assist your elimination to be seamless and as perfect as possible.
Review appointments – 1 hour for the re-introduction of foods eliminated after 8 weeks and further email support as desired.
All specialist literature from Kings College London is included.
Liaison and consulting letters to your GP and Consultant are inclusive.

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