Weight Management

Helping You Manage Your Weight


Being Over weight or obese increases your chances of developing heart disease. This is because being over weight or obese increases your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and increased blood pressure which can all lead to Heart Disease.

Being over Over weight or Obese can increase the risk from certain cancers, and obesity is now one of the main causes of cancer in the UK.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight in the past will know how complex it is. Most people find they can lose weight its the weight loss maintenance that is the problem. So we need to stop “dieting” and start looking at life long changes to be that thinner person you want to be.

Counterweight programmes are aimed at empowering overweight and obese adults to make long term changes that stick.

Counterweight differs from other programmes in that the goal for weight change is realistic, factors which may have contributed to weight gain are assessed and the individual is supported in selecting methods to achieve weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

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