Dietitian in Glasgow

Many people suffer from dietary-related health problems without proper access to dietary support they can trust. I am a registered dietitian in Glasgow that can help you to make long-term health improvements so that you can enjoy feeling better.

Dietitian in Glasgow

Many people suffer from dietary-related health problems without proper access to dietary support they can trust. I am a registered dietitian in Glasgow that can help you to make long-term health improvements so that you can enjoy feeling better.


Lesley Reid Nutritional Health

My mission as an experienced and registered dietitian is to help my clients make dietary changes for long-term health improvements without sacrificing their enjoyment of food.

Improve your health

With personalised and practical dietary advice that works.

Have more energy

Without compromising on the food you love to eat.

Enjoy feeling better

I’ll help you to stop letting your symptoms get in the way of your life.

Years of expertise

No more second guessing. My advice is effective and easy-to-understand.

Professional and caring dietary advice you can trust


I know it can be a mine field trying to find the right information for you and your nutritional needs. There is so much information and misinformation it’s hard to know where to start. I have worked with hundreds of clients just like yourself who feel they have not been listened to are anxious, worried and may have been brushed off by other health professionals.

There are many issues including weight management, IBS, gut health or hormonal issues that can feel isolating, confusing, frustrating, embarrassing and it can spill into all aspects of your life. This can leave you feeling like you are going round and round in circles.

My job is to offer you evidence based, personalised, easy to follow advice and support. Let me listen to your issues, worries, needs, and start to map out a way forward. If you want to hear more about what I can do for you get in contact or sign up to my newsletter to find out some handy hints to help with your nutritional issue.

Here’s how to get started with making life long changes to your diet

Step 1

Book a consultation where I’ll find out about you, your goals and worries

Step 2

Get professional dietary advice to improve your symptoms and health. 

Step 3

Enjoy feeling better with a healthier life without sacrificing the food you love


“Lesley is friendly, professional and informative. I am thrilled with the level of detail in relation to my old food diary, my new meal plan and my complex nutritional needs. My consultation with Lesley has really empowered me to be smart about my own nourishment and I’m already reaping the benefits of her guidance.”

Ms VL, Autoimmune Disease, Oban

“It took me a little while to get up to speed with the suggestions & change my mindset from punishment to nourishment. I’ve certainly acquired some very useful tools going forward, & feel more positive for my future success.”

Ms HR, IBS & Weight Loss, Falkirk

“Lesley had a lovely manner- friendly, patient and knowledgeable. She suggested a number of options to start with and discussed how they might help me. Some of which I didn’t know anything about. I would definitely speak to Lesley in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking for help.”

Mrs AP, Gastro Problems Glasgow

“Lesley has been a great support to me in making dietary changes and advising me on the Gut/ Brain connection by providing with useful materials. This has benefitted me greatly with my weight gain goal and my general well-being.”

Mrs SS, Nausea & Weight Loss Support, Bathgate

Frequently Asked Questions 

When are you available for appointments?

I offer appointments on Monday and Thursday all day. Face to Face appointments are only available on a Thursday from my clinic at Collabor8te in Glasgow. The 30 minute discovery appointments are booked and paid for in advance via Stripe.  If none of these days suit you, let me know and we can look to try to accommodate you at a time and day that suits you better. The 1 hour appointments are invoiced after the appointment.

How much are appointments?

The cost of you appointment depends on the package or service you need. After our initial consultation, I’ll be able to provide an exact cost for your proposed plan for dietary support.

How many appointments will I need?

This will vary for each individual and will be discussed at your first consultation in more detail.

As a guide:

For IBS we normally recommend three appointments.

We also offer packages for weight loss and IBS to suit your needs and goals.

What happens if I can’t make my booked appointment?

We operate a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you can no longer make your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours before at the clinic email address. We kindly ask all patients to respect this policy so we can continue to provide a high-quality service and allow others on our waiting list to fill the sessions.

For cancellations or requests to change less than 48 hours before your appointment, or for non-attendance, you will be charged a £25 cancellation fee or if you have paid for a discovery call we are not able to offer a refund or change the appointment and the full fee will apply.

If you are late arriving for your appointment, the time for the consultation will be reduced accordingly. There will be no corresponding reduction or refund in the fee. Note that late arrivals more than 15 minutes after the allotted clinic time will be treated as non-attendance.

We reserve the right to refuse requests for refunds sent within 48 hours of the appointment or after the appointment has taken place.

Can you help with eating disorders?

Lesley Reid is not specialised in active eating disorders, therefore to ensure you receive the best care, it would be recommended for you to seek a trained dietitian who has expertise in this area, as part of a multi-disciplinary team alongside a psychologist.

However, if you have eating disorder history and have recovered, please do share this when enquiring and we will take this into account. During your consultation, if anything triggers, please let us know straight away.

Will you be prescribing nutritional supplements?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis. As the research suggests, we do typically see the best results from whole diet and lifestyle strategies, as opposed to supplements. If you are interested in a particular supplement, we can help answer any questions you may have. Importantly, we will only ever recommend a supplement where there is evidence to support doing so.

Do I need any tests before my appointment?

You do not need to have any tests done before your first appointment.

There are many intolerance tests and stool testing kits that can be purchased online, often promising that the results will guide diet recommendations. We understand that the range of test kits on offer can be confusing. In truth, the evidence for most of these tests is limited. Lesley Reid will only recommend evidence-based testing if needed to support your care which you may want to discuss at your appointment and answer any questions you may have. 

Sometimes we recommend a referral to a gastroenterologist or other healthcare professional for further investigation or treatment. This can be arranged privately or via a letter to your GP if within the NHS.

How do I know if Lesley Reid Dietitian is right for me?

Lesley Reid sees patients with a range of conditions and dietary needs.  We offer an affordable discovery call for this very reason. This is so we can find out more about you but also so you can decide if you would like to work with her.