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Meet Lesley Reid,
Professional Nutritionalist & Dietitian

Lesley Reid Nutritional Health was launched by Glasgow based NHS Dietitian Lesley Reid BSc to provide expert tailored evidence-based support to those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and related gastro conditions.

After graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University with a first-class honour’s degree in “Human Nutrition and Dietetics”, Lesley spent many years working in a range of NHS roles covering maternal health, diabetes care, nutritional support, weight management and specialist IBS clinics. She left the NHS for a temporary period in 2017to 2021 to concentrate on building her freelance dietetic company.

Lesley Reid Nutritional Health was started in 2015 after seeing the debilitating effects IBS can have on patients and the lack of specific support they were receiving. Lesley has since dedicated her career to supporting patients with complex gastro-related illnesses, empowering people through evidence-based strategies that can greatly improve their diets, health, lifestyle, and general wellbeing.

As well as running her own clinic, Lesley has consulted for weight loss companies, private medical hospitals.  She has supported private gastro consultants as well as working with BBC Radio Scotland, appearing on STV and BBC Scottish News. 

Lesley has also worked in partnership with companies supporting Asylum Seekers and The Prison Service.  She has also delivered food, fluid and nutrition guidance as well as dysphagia training to care home staff and also supported a variety of private companies with staff wellbeing.

‘I am very lucky I LOVE being a Dietitian, it is one of the most diverse, interesting, and satisfying jobs. I get to work with such a wide range of clients, it is so rewarding to be able to map out their specific issues/needs and help them come to a solution to their issues.’

My own IBS Story

My IBS started because of a food poisoning episode on a 19-30’s holiday in Turkey back in 1994. Like many of you I can pinpoint it to the exact meal I ate. It was a chicken and feta cheese salad 12 hours before I had to board a plane home. As I remember vividly the plane journey was horrendous as I had to spend most of it in the toilet. I felt my insides were always hurting,

After this holiday I become afraid to eat, I knew where every local toilet was in the area, and I had started the habit of going to the toilet multiple times “just in case” as I didn’t want to get caught short when out. For many years I just put up with the symptoms, as sometimes they were manageable, other times horrendous! I cut out milk, gluten, fizzy juice, caffeine etc with no real effect.

The moment it all changed was when I was on a dietetic study day in Glasgow back in 2012 and I attended a talk about the effects of the Low FODMAP diet and IBS. It felt like one of those “light bulb moments” and from that point onwards I was on a quest to know as much about the Low FODMAP diet as possible.

When I looked at my diet, I realised it was full of FODMAP’s no wonder I had such a windy, bloated, gurgled, hard stomach.

Since completing the low FODMAP exclusion I now understand my system so much better. I know my triggers, I know what to expect if I eat these foods, I have been given control back of my symptoms.

My passion is to share this information with others, it spurred me to train at the Kings College London and continue to build my knowledge on IBS. Working in the NHS I helped develop their Low FODMAP service for GGC Dietetic Department which was rolled out across Glasgow. It also spurred me on to build my successful freelance business which I have been running for over 7 years now. Now I support people with upset digestive systems from IBS, diverticular disease, reflux, gastritis, gallstones, Crohn’s, colitis, constipation and diarrhoea and I love it.

If my story sounds like something you could relate to then contact me, I would love to support you with your issues.

“Lesley was awesome. With careful questioning she was able to narrow down my increasing digestive discomfort to a potential lactose intolerance which had developed on top of my IBS and Coeliac. She was spot on. I gave up all lactose containing products and noticed a marked improvement within a couple of days. In the 6 weeks I have been following this advice I feel better than I have for years. There is a marked reduction in my abdominal inflammation and physically I have no abdominal pain or discomfort any more. I was visiting the toilet between6 and 10 times a day, frequently with little warning or time to react; this is no longer the case. This diagnosis has really turned my life around and I cannot thank or recommend Lesley enough.”

Mrs BP, Coeliac / IBS Glasgow

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