Corporate Nutritional Health

Nutrition in the Workplace


In the UK, the average employer loses 6 days and £692 per employee annually due to sickness, absenteeism and reduced productivity costing companies £30 billion per annum (2014). 13.8 million working days are lost through poor diet in relation to absenteeism

Are you committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for your staff? To benefit you and your business; Optimal Nutrition is vital.

Enhance the energy levels of your staff and the collective performance of your business by bringing Lesley Reid Dietitian into your company to provide nutritional assessments and evidence based advice and support to your staff.

Health In The Work Place

The advice can be as simple as an enjoyable workshop session, or as a one to one consultations on a variety of issues ranging from increasing sustainable energy for productivity, stress in the workplace to specific nutritional problems that impacts on staffs ability to work: Weight loss, Heart and Lipids, Diabetes, Cancer, Blood pressure or IBS.

I can carry out staff health checks and I am qualified to measure cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure which is all carried out confidentially.

I have also helped companies complete there Gold Healthy Working lives award. The Healthy Working Lives Award Programme in Scotland supports employers and employees to develop health promotion and safety themes in the workplace.

If this sound like something your company would like to get involved with just contact me to discuss this further.

Corporate Testimonials

Lesley has worked with the below companies: