Counterweight Plus

Counterweight Plus Scotland

Counterweight Plus was developed as a non surgical weight management solution suitable for individuals with greater weight loss needs.

Counterweight Plus is a proven programme delivered by Health Professionals for managing severe and complicated obesity. The year long programme encompasses 12 weeks Total Diet Replacement, underpinned by behavioural techniques to support weight loss and weight loss maintenance equipping people with the skills required to manage their weight for life.


Why I use Counterweight Programmes:

  • All Counterweight Programmes are designed to help individuals identify why they have become overweight and equips them with skills to make changes to their eating and activity behaviours without going on a ‘diet’
  • When an individual decides to start one of the Counterweight Programmes they are making the decision to lose weight and keep it off for good
  • Individuals can be confident that they are choosing a programme that is known to work not only for losing weight but for keeping it off for good. 

The Counterweight Plus Programme:

  • A non surgical weight management solution for individuals with greater weight loss need, i.e. greater than 15kg for individuals with a BMI >28 kg/m with diabetes or BMI>30kg/m with no diabetes
  • This programme involves a total diet replacement phase over 12 weeks, followed by stepped, structured food reintroduction and then a weight maintenance phase over 12-months.
  • Weight loss of >15 kg or 15% has been shown to contribute to normailsing blood Glucose and Insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes. (JAMA 2008; 299 316-323)
  • *Health Insurance companies offer various levels of cover for Dietetic consultations, please consult your provider to see if your policy covers some of the cost.

Who Is Counterweight Plus For?

  • Adults over 18 years old
  • People with a BMI >30kg/m2 with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Individuals who are ready to make the behaviour changes required for weight loss

What Is The Overall Goal?

  • Counterweight Plus encourages weight loss of at least 15kg or 15% for people over 100kg (approxiately 15st 10lb)
  • To maintain weight loss long term
  • Develop long term beliefs to eating and exercise behaviours
  • To improve overall health

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