What is Oviva?

Oviva provides personalised support to help you make long-term improvements to your health. With Oviva you work closely with your dietitian to achieve your personal goals.

It combines personalised 1 to 1 care from your expert health care professional with behaviour change.

It uses technology to help improve your health from the comfort of your own home.


With Oviva you track your food, activity and weight. You can also connect your fitness devices.

Diabetic clients can record their blood sugars which you can share with your dietitian.

Your dietitian will review your choices and support you with changes you are planning to make.

Studies have shown that being in more regular touch with a dietitian gives you a better chance for success and outcomes than working alone.

What to expect with using Oviva?

  • Weekly support and review from your dietitian with (3-4 times a week) check-in
  • Accountability
  • Regular review of your targets/goals
  • By using photos it is easier, quicker and more accurate for food recall

Oviva is much more than a chat, what you get is support with long term behaviour changes by a qualified dietitian

Oviva can be added to any of your personal weight loss package designed by you and Lesley Reid Dietitian.

Quotes from Clients:

The app works because it keeps me in close contact with Lesley and she keeps me motivated with great ideas and diet tips to keep me going throughout the day, weeks and months
Dan Glasgow

This app and Lesley have genuinely changed my eating in general for the better. I am still a fussy eater but much less fussy and certainly far healthier. I have found having to be accountable to a properly qualified professional makes all the difference. I find it reassuring that the advice I am getting is correct, sensible and realistic. Being able to ask questions and getting professional advice with a sense of humour thrown in makes such a difference.
Phillipa Dumfries