Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition


You have the potential to perform even better!!

It is so important to put the time into eating correctly for your sport, as much as it is to put the hours into training.  If you are putting the wrong fuel into your body you are not going to get the performance you desire.

The right nutrition plan will make all that hard training more effective and allow you to recover better between sessions and allow you to sustain your training session.
The basic principals of sports nutrition are:
  • Healthy Eating
  • Hydration
  • Timing of Meals & Snacks
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein

If you are not getting these right this will have a massive impact on your results.

The basic principals are the same if you are training for a 10k to competing at Olympic level.

Healthy Eating

The basic principals to healthy eating apply to all athletes.  Eating a balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need to take part in your activity or sport.

You may think there is no need as I am taking supplements I have this covered! but just taking supplements will not make up for not eating well


If you become dehydrated it has been shown that this can dramatically affect your performance.  Its no good just drinking during training but more the overall fluid balance.

If you are thirsty it is a sign you are already dehydrated, keep an eye on the colour of your urine this can tell us a lot.  You are looking for a light coloured straw colour with no odour and frequent urination.

Timing of Meals

Timing is a difficult thing to manage, eating too close to training can make you sluggish or sick, this is due to blood moving from your muscles to your stomach to aid with digestion.

Eating too far away from a training session will not allow you to have vital energy available in your blood stream to maximise the training session.

There is also a window to gain maximum refueling this is 1-2 hours post training, this optimises carbohydrate refuel of muscles and repair.


Carbohydrate is vital in performance it provides glygogen which is the preferred fuel of your muscles. It is so important because it is stored in your muscles and its the easiest and most readily available fuel.  It is a fact the more you exercise or perform the more carbohydrate you need.


Protein is the main nutrient required for repair and growth of muscle.  The more activity you do the more protein your body is going to require.  It is best to get your protein from sources like: lean meat, fish,eggs, beans, lentil, pulses, nuts and low fat diary products.

Sports Nutrition Plan

This a personal individual nutrition plan designed around your specific training or sport.

It will include completing a 7 day food and activity diary.  This will be nutritionally analysed to ensure all macro and micro nutrients are complete.  We will look at where you shop, your work pattern, social life, training pattern and what you are wanting to achieve in your performance.

To get the best out of your program you should look at changing your diet well in advance of event or competition as it may take a few weeks to settle into it, get used to training with the diet and practicing your diet plan on of performance.

Your personal requirement will depend on:

The Exercise

The Intensity

The Duration

The Regularity

Your Fitness!!