Weight Loss Packages

Weight Loss Initial Phone call

The initial call helps us gather more information about yourself and helps us decide which path, program or service is best for you.

This phone call is the start of a process to address your dietary issues. It gives us a better idea of possible interventions in our first consultation.
It’s also vital in making the initial consultation efficient and direct.

What will be covered in this phone call?

  • Your current and past medication
  • Your lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
  • Your general health and medical history
  • Your ideas for weight loss

*No written info is provided at this call
From all this I will have a better understanding of your situation and you have had a chance to speak to myself.

How much does this cost?
The charge for this will be £35. You’ll be invoiced after the call.


Weight Loss Appointment

At an initial weight loss appointment we carry out an in depth assessment and consultation, were we discuss your questions about your health, nutrition and wellness.
We review your goals and what dietary adjustments/enhancements are needed in order to help you meet them.

What will be covered in this consultation?

  • Review of your current dietary intake
  • Address any issues with lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
  • Review past weight loss attempts
  • Map your weight through your life and assess triggers to weight gain
  • Attainable goal setting
  • Realistic modifications to your lifestyle
  • Exercise suggestions appropriate to your ability and timeframe
  • An evaluation of your work life balance and its effect on your health
  • Balancing current medical issues with weight loss

From all this we can make an action plan to help you with your weight loss journey.

This is the right service for you if you need some fine tuning and are able to stick to your goals without additional accountability.

It includes materials that you feel will help you take your next steps to better nutrition.

60min consultation

Follow up

Purchase a follow up session(available only to those who have completed an initial consultation). Follow up sessions offer on going support and education to help you overcome your barriers and sustain changes for long-term success.

30min Consultation


Weight Loss Meal Planning – Eat Love

This includes all the assessments included in the initial consultation (see above), in addition to this we register you with the Eat Love meal planning program.

You will receive:
Daily personalized meal plans designed to help you achieve your health goals with the ability to flexibly swap in and out as your schedule changes.
It  includes tested, tasty and easy to follow recipes (access to the EatLove database of over 3300 recipes, each vetted by a dietitian)
Advanced food prep scheduling to save you time and make cooking at home as easy and fun as it should be:



Weight Loss  – Tracking App (Oviva)
This includes all the assessments included in the initial consultation (see above), in addition to this we register you with the Oviva weight loss tracking app.

With Oviva you track your food, activity and weight,you can also connect your fitness devices.
Diabetic Clients can record their blood sugars which you can share with myself.
We  will review your choices and support you with changes you are planning to make.

Studies have shown that being in more regular touch with a dietitian gives you better chance for success and outcomes than working alone.

What to expect with using Oviva?

  • Weekly support and review from your dietitian with (3-4 times a week) checkin
  • Accountability
  • Regular review of your targets/goals
  • By using photos it is easier, quicker and more accurate for food recall