Weight Management

For over 22 years as a professional Dietititian, Lesley has worked with clients to achieve effective and long-term results.

Every client comes to me with a unique and personal weight management journey. I find that working working towards a sustainable/ long term strategy is often the most successful plan.

I have worked in the following sectors and areas of weight management:

• Nuffield Hospital as part of their Bariatric surgery team
• A private medical weight loss company
• Partnered with Counterweight Plus (Direct Study supporting diabetes reversal)
• Supporting my own clients with their weight loss needs

Your road to weight loss success starts with mapping out your weight issues.
Before we build a plan I like to find out more about your:

Past medical history
• Past weight loss attempts
• Family genetics
• Natural body shape is

• Weight journey through life
• Any barriers to your plan
• Likes, dislikes
• Any allergies or intolerances

Work life balance
• Cooking skills
• Your mindset
• Your sleep routine
• Energy levels
• Any stress factors and triggers
• Your confidence, motivation and importance for weight loss
• Home life set up

From this we work on:

Making your goals realistic and easier to achieve
• Accountability, you become responsible for your choices
• Assess why lapses in eating happen and how to prevent relapses into old habits of eating
• Observe the way you eat, and start to get in tune with how food makes you feel
• We look at what is likely to derail you from your goal and plan how to prevent it

• Use the tools, support and program that works
• I encourage clients to stop dieting and get rid of all the old weight loss habits they have accrued over the years
• Finally we build the plan around you as an individual as there is no one size fits all

Weight Loss Management Costs and Packages
Weight Loss Management Discovery Phone Call

The initial call helps us gather more information about yourself and helps us decide which path, program or service is suited for you. This is the beginning of the process to address your dietary issues, enabling us to establish interventions where necessary in our first consultation.

What will be covered in this phone call?

• Current and past medication
• Lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
• General health and medical history
• Ideas for weight loss
(No written information is provided at this call)

How do I book?

After your initial enquiry I will send you a link to book in via my calendar system.

How much does it cost?

The charge for this will be £35 and this will be taken via Stripe on booking your appointment.

Weight Loss Management Appointment

Initially we carry out an in-depth assessment and consultation, were we discuss your questions about your health, nutrition and wellness. We review your goals and what dietary adjustments/enhancements are required. You will be sent a simple form to complete from my medical notes plus a ‘Getting to Know You’ questionnaire as well as request to keep a food record to discuss at the appointment.

What will be covered in this consultation?

Review of your current dietary intake
• Address any issues with lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
• Review past weight loss attempts
• Map your weight through your life and assess triggers to weight gain

We then make an action plan to help you with your weight loss journey. This is the right service for you if you need some fine tuning and are able to stick to your goals without additional accountability. If you need more accountability and more regular support please look at the Weight loss packages. It includes materials that you feel will help you take your next steps to better nutrition.

How long is the consultation?

Up to 1 hour
How much does this cost? £120*
*(You can pay this on the day if it’s an in-person appointment at Collabor8te or if it’s a Zoom consultation you will be invoiced after the appointment). 

Weight Loss Management Packages

This includes all the assessments included in the initial consultation (see above) and tailored as a package for your personal needs

• An initial weight loss appointment
• 5 x 30 minute follow up appointments over the 3 months (face-to-face/zoom/phone)
• With WhatsApp support between appointments as needed
• Review of food diary
• Plus, all literature support, meal plans and shopping lists that are needed

Depending on your needs these weight loss packages can be adapted and adjusted to help you reach your goals.


‘Lesley is friendly, professional and informative. I am thrilled with the level of detail in relation to my old food diary, my new meal plan and my complex nutritional needs. My consultation with Lesley has really empowered me to be smart about my own nourishment and I’m already reaping the benefits of her guidance.’

Mrs BP, Glasgow

‘Very positive experience, Lesley was very personable and knowledgeable. I feel so much more confident that I will achieve my weight loss goals.’

Ms AS, Edinburgh

‘I really appreciated Lesley giving me honest advice that suited me rather than just another generic diet plan.’

Mr ID, London