The Best Low FODMAP Slow Cooker Recipes

During autumn and winter I make low FODMAP slow cooker recipes all the time because they’re so convenient. There’s nothing more welcome than the smell of a rich, hearty meal greeting me when I open the front door on a cold, dark evening. I love low FODMAP slow cooker recipes because there is such a wide variety of things you can cook! Soups, stews, casseroles, curries, tagines, goulash and even desserts!  In this blog post I’d like to share some of my favourite low FODMAP slow cooker recipes with you. I’ve tried to include something for everyone, so I’m sure at least one of these recipes will entice you to try it!  Let me know what you think and please send me any low FODMAP slow cooker recipes you’re a particular fan of!  Soup: In terms of low FODMAP slow cooker soup recipes I look no further than the Slow Cooker Low FODMAP Chicken Soup recipe that Fody Foods shares on its website. I’ve made this well over 10 times and it’s consistently good. Sometimes I find myself without certain ingredients (i.e. oyster mushrooms) and I just adapt the recipe accordingly and it turns out just fine! The fresh herbs are a particularly fresh and tasty touch. Slow Cooker Low FODMAP Chicken Soup from Fody Foods
Another Low FODMAP soup I’m quite a fan of is the Tuscan Pumpkin Soup from the website You Won’t Stave! This makes a beautifully silky smooth blended soup that goes wonderfully with crispy croutons. If you want it to be even more decadent you could serve it with some crispy bacon bits! Tuscan Pumpkin Soup from the website You Won’t Stave!
Main Meals: When it comes to cooking low FODMAP slow cooker recipes I think the most foolproof dinner you can make is beef stew and this recipe from Fun Without FODMAPs is a cracker! The beef goes wonderfully tender and the sauce turns out beautifully rich and well seasoned. Give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Low FODMAP Beef Stew from Fun Without FODMAPs

If you’re a big fan of curries then I can highly recommend Rachel Pauls’ low FODMAP Chicken Curry. The chicken gradually cooks throughout the day and becomes infused with the gorgeous curry spices to create a delicately flavoured curry. This one’s a big hit with my family!

Rachel Pauls’ low FODMAP Chicken Curry

Another winner in my household is Kate Scarlata’s Slow Cooker Cuban Mojo Chicken. The chicken breasts are marinated in a citrus-infused sauce which slowly cooks throughout the day resulting in perfectly tender shredded chicken that’s perfect for putting in a soft tortilla wrap or draping over a pile of crispy tortilla chips. Perfect Friday night food, don’t you think?

Kate Scarlata’s Slow Cooker Cuban Mojo Chicken

One of the tastiest vegetarian low FODMAP slow cooker recipes I’ve ever made is Rachel Pauls’ Aubergine Parmesan (aka Eggplant Parmesan). It layers slices of aubergine (eggplant) in between marinara sauce, cheese and infused oil to create a rich and satisfying meal. Although the recipe asks for normal mozzarella and parmesan, I’ve made it on several occasions with dairy-free alternatives and it’s been just as tasty, so don’t let your lactose intolerance stop you from making this!

Rachel Pauls’ Aubergine Parmesan

Although many people view ratatouille as a side dish, I’d like to put a case forward to champion it as a bowl of deliciousness in its own right! When ratatouille is done well it turns out rich and unctuous. That’s particularly the case with this recipe for Low FODMAP Slow Cooker Ratatouille from Tara Rochford. The veggies slowly cook down while developing their fresh sweetness. It makes the perfect sauce to toss through pasta, but it’s also lovely served as a vegetable stew with a bit of grated cheese on top. As always, my friends, it’s entirely up to you!

My final low FODMAP slow cooker recipe main meal suggestion is a Vegan Meatless Chilli with Quinoa from Rachel Pauls. When my friend recommended this recipe to me at first I was annoyed because it didn’t look as though it was actually low FODMAP, but then I realised that it states that it makes a minimum of 8 portions, so when it’s correctly divided it is indeed a low FODMAP serving. As a result, I like to batch cook this and pop it in the freezer for those cold, dark evenings when I get home and just cannot be bothered to cook. It’s extremely tasty!

Vegan Meatless Chilli with Quinoa from Rachel Pauls

So there you have it! My best low FODMAP slow cooker recipes. I hope you give some of them a go because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’d also love to hear what some of your favourite low FODMAP slow cooker recipes are, so please get in touch!

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