IBS Dietitian in Glasgow

Irritable Bowel syndrome can be a debilitating condition and is reported to affect up to 15% of the UK population. The cause of IBS is not fully understood, but the symptoms can affect people’s quality of life.

“Lesley was awesome. With careful questioning, she was able to narrow down my increasing digestive discomfort to a potential lactose intolerance which had developed on top of my IBS and Coeliac. She was spot on. I gave up all lactose products and noticed a marked improvement within a couple of days. In the 6 weeks I have been following this advice I feel better than I have for years. There is a marked reduction in my abdominal inflammation and physically I have no abdominal pain or discomfort any more. I was visiting the toilet between 6 and 10 times a day, frequently with little warning or time to react; this is no longer the case. This diagnosis has really turned my life around and I cannot thank or recommend Lesley enough.”

Mrs BP

Suffering from IBS symptoms and Coeliac, Looked for an IBS Dietitian in Glasgow

IBS symptoms that I can help you with

  • Gassy and noisy gut
  • Bloating to the point you look pregnant
  • Irregular or too regular bowel motions
  • Burping and belching after food and drinks
  • Uncomfortable reflux, heartburn, churning of your stomach
  • Pain and discomfort in your stomach
  • Anxiety about if you need to go to the toilet when you’re socialising
  • Isolation because you don’t want to socialise in case your gut misbehaves
  • Smelly gas in front of partners and friends

If you can relate to any of these symptoms, I am here to help.

Many clients come to me frustrated with their symptoms. They have real functional symptoms that can be debilitating and affect many areas of their lives from relationships to jobs to socialising. Other clients may attend after avoiding many food groups for years but continue to have symptoms.

Eliminating foods long-term can leave you feeling lethargic and at risk of nutritional deficiencies. In addition to this, medications that you may be taking to assist you may be giving your other digestive issues.

I also find that many clients appear in a cycle of worry about their symptoms causing their symptoms to get worse causing more worry about why their symptoms are getting worse.

At Lesley Reid Nutritional Health we understand these frustrations and are here to listen, advise and support you with your gut symptoms.

Get started with an IBS dietary consultation

The initial call helps us gather more information about yourself and helps us decide which path, program or service is best for you.

This is the start of a professional process to address your gut issues which enables me to clearly identify possible interventions in our first consultation.

What you'll get in the initial IBS consultation

  • Your current and past medication
  • Your lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
  • Your general health and medical history
  • Your degree of discomfort
    Any past medical treatments or investigations

I'm Lesley Reid, a Glasgow based IBS Nutritionalist & Dietitian

IBS can be a real issue in your life, often getting in the way of your social life, work life and everything in between. This is why I absolutely love what I do! Supporting my patients with IBS is so rewarding, especially when I see the impact it can have.

I have over 10 years of experience in the NHS and private practice where I support patients with complex gastro-related illnesses, empowering people through evidence-based strategies that can greatly improve your diet, health, lifestyle, and general wellbeing.

Questions about IBS dietary services with us

How do I get started with IBS dietary services?

After your initial enquiry I will send you a link to book in via my calendar system.

What happens in an IBS appointment?

At an IBS appointment we carry out an in depth assessment and consultation, were we discuss your questions about your gut health. We review your symptoms, lifestyle and clinical history and review if there are any dietary adjustments/enhancements needed in order to help reduce your symptoms.

  • Your current and past medication
  • Your lifestyle, stress levels and sleep patterns
  • Your general health and medical history
  • Your degree of discomfort
  • Any past medical treatments or investigations
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Symptom Evaluation

This information is collated, evaluated and discussed at our first session. All supporting resources will be given on the day or forwarded after the appointment to you.

*(You can pay this on the day if it’s an in-person appointment at Collabor8te or if it’s a Zoom consultation you will be invoiced after the appointment).

What happens in an IBS follow up consultation?

Follow-up appointments can be booked for between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your needs. 

How can I get long term support with my IBS?

Assessments included in the initial consultation (see above) to create a tailored package for your personal needs.

The content of the package will be designed around your personal needs.  The cost of the package will reflect what support is needed to reach your nutritional goals.

  • 1 hour consultation (see IBS appointment above) to review your macro and micro nutrient intake, diet and health along with advice to eliminate your IBS symptoms.
  • Detailed, personalised, nutritional written advice, recipes, shopping lists are provided to assist your dietary modification.
  • Review appointment (up to 1 hour) at 4 and 8 weeks
  • Liaison and consulting letters to your GP and Consultant are inclusive.

“Lesley had a lovely manner- friendly, patient and knowledgeable. She suggested a number of options to start with and discussed how they might help me. Some of which I didn’t know anything about. I would definitely speak to Lesley in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking for help.”

Mrs A P

Suffering from gastro symptoms, Looked for an IBS Dietitian in Glasgow

“Lesley contacted me very promptly and spent time advising me with my concerns. She was happy to share her knowledge and resources after our initial conversation.”

Mrs J Mc

Suffering from gastro symptoms, Looked for a Low FODMAP Dietitian in Glasgow

“Lesley is friendly, professional and informative. I am thrilled with the level of detail in relation to my old food diary, my new meal plan and my complex nutritional needs. My consultation with Lesley has really empowered me to be smart about my own nourishment and I’m already reaping the benefits of her guidance.”

Ms V L

Suffering from an autoimmune disease affecting her gut, Looked for an IBS Dietitian in Glasgow